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Satakielikuukausi (The Month of a Hundred Languages) is an annual festival that celebrates mother tongues, multilingualism and language diversity. During the festival the importance of mother tongues and languages is examined through the arts, meetings and workshops. What do languages sound like, feel and or taste like, and what is the importance of languages for the construction of an identity or sense of trust/ security. 

The Month of a Hundred Languages festival starts on February 21st International Mother Tongue Day and ends on March the 21st World Poetry Day and International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The festival program consists of: poetry readings, meetings with writers, visual arts, workshops, art installations, sound art, lectures and discussions and much more. Most of the events during the Month of a Hundred Languages Festival are based in Helsinki, but there are also events around Finland.

The festival is coordinated by The International Cultural Centre Caisa with main partners Cultural Centre Stoa and Vuotalo as well as Culture for all -service.