20.3.2016 Bravo!-festival. La Baracca (Italy): TIKETAK: Piccololorso ha una sorellina

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Su 20.3.2016
13:00 & 15:00

Annankatu 30,
Liput alk. 5e / Biljetter från 5e / Tickets starting at 5e

[in English] Bravo!-festival. La Baracca (Italy): TIKETAK: Piccololorso ha una sorellina

TIKETAK – Piccololorso has a little sister

Following his birthday party, the little bear is having a great day: he is waiting for his little sister to be born. Mammalorsa has a big tummy and she is walking out the door with Babbolorso.

“Piccololorso, we have to go now. And we’ll come back with your little sister!”

While Nana the frog keeps track of the time with her “TikeTak”, Piccololorso and his friends get the house ready to welcome home his little sister. They need to decorate her room, find the food for the party and, most importantly, a nice present for the newborn. But what’s the perfect present for a newborn sister?

Duration 35 min. 1-4 year olds. The performace is in Italian. Before the performance a workshop is held before the show, where participants play with the words of the performance.

Tickets starting at 5 euros. Tickets can be booked and purchaced at the regional cultural centers and at the Savoy theathre and 30 minutes before the performance at Annantalo.

[suomeksi] Bravo!-festivaali. La Baracca (Italia): TIKETAK: Piccololorso ha una sorellina

Kesto 35 min. 1-4-vuotiaille. Esitys on italiaksi, ennen esitystä työpaja, jossa leikitään näytelmän sanoilla.

Liput alk. 5 e. Lippuja voi varata ja ostaa Kulttuurikeskuksen aluetaloilta ja Savoy-teatterista ennen esityspäivää ja 30 min ennen esitystä Annantalolta.

Lisätietoa: www.annantalo.fi

Saavutettavuus: http://www.annantalo.fi/yhteystiedot/esteettomyys