20.3.2017 RunoReflex


Caisa’s Lobby, 2nd floor
Mikonkatu 17 C/Vuorikatu 14
Vapaa pääsy / Free entrance



Runoreflex brings together poetry and films by international authors and filmakers living in Finland and Sweden. A ‘Live experimental poetry reading’ in Russian, Arabic, Spanish with translations into English, Finnish and Swedish. The word ‘reflex’ refers to a game related to camera devices and the projection of the films.

Poets on stage: Polina Kopylova (RU/FI), Adel Al Sharik (IQ/FI), Lalo Barrubia (UR/SE) and Tammam Hunaidy (SY/SE) accompanied by cellist Sergio Castrillón.

Films are:

 رسالة إلى أوباما ‘Letter to Obama’ by Mohanad Salahat فيلم لـ مهند صلاحات

In a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, two boys decided to send a message to the American president Barak Obama through his Facebook page. They ask him, as the president of the United States, to intervene and end the siege on the Gaza Strip, and they invite him and his wife to visit the Strip and witness people’s hardships there. But they never receive a response. They decide to use a small video camera to record a very angry video message addressed to Barak Obama from the people of the camp.
In Arabic with English subtitles.

‘The journey of a broken bird’: a poetry film based on the work of Burmese refugee writer Ye Yint Thet Zwe who lives in Finland. Last summer, Sivuvalo published his book ‘We Hate War, Mother’, a poetry compilation in Burmese, Finnish and English. The movie is made by Jaime Culebro, Paola Figueroa and Ye Yint Thet Zwe.
In Burmese with English subtitles.

Organised by Sivuvalo, Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange NolichX  and Caisa Kulttuurikeskus. 

Possible updates on Sivuvalo’s event page: RunoReflex