20.2.2016 Satakieliklubi

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[English] Satakieliklubi

International poets, artists and musicians join forces at the Satakieliklubi in a Multimedia Multilingual Poetry evening. Audiovisual material of the Sivuvalo Kanava will also be seen.

POEMS and texts will be performed by:

Aya Chalabee is an Iraqian emerging poet based in Helsinki. Satakieliklubi will be her debut as a writer on an international, multimedia and professional stage.

Daniel Bencomo (San Luis Potosí, 1980) is a Mexican poet and literary translator from German into Spanish. Is the author of ‘De maitines y vísperas’ (2008), ‘Morder la piedra’ (2009), ‘Lugar de residencia’ (FETA, 2010) which won the Elías Nandino prize, ‘Alces, Rejkyavik’ (Magenta, 2014) and recently ´Espuma de Bulldog’ (2016). He has translated books of Tom Schulz, Björn Kuhligk and Ron Winkler, and  selected fragments from the work of Hugo Ball, Friederike Mayröcker and Hans Arp. He lives in Leipzig, Germany. Daniel will be our special guest for this event.

Payam Abdolsamadi is an Iranian graphic designer and poet based in Helsinki. His work is mainly related with human rights and politics, developing poster design with social content. Payam has exhibited in several international design biennials and, in Finland, he has made graphic design for many organizations such as Amnesty International.

Zoila Forss  is a poet born in Peru and living in Kerava, Finland. She considers poetry as a key to share sensorial experiences and a pleasant practice linking words. Revontuli is her first book published in 2014.

Muhaned Durubi (Muhannad Mohamed Khorshid) is an Iraqian painter and writer born in Baghdad in 1979. He escaped into Finland in 2014 and is currently based in Helsinki. Muhaned is a BA in Fine Arts for the University of Baghdad. Currently, he is member of the ‘Iraqi Plastic Artists Society’ and ‘Helsinki International Artists Society’.

Outi Korhonen is a cultural coordinator and art educator. The texts she chose are attempts to describe the solitude of an unshareable world with three possible but uncertain inhabitants, a me, a you and the unpredictable animal they share.

Performed languages will be in Farsi, Spanish, Arabic, English and Finnish. Translation will be available in Finnish or English.


Moritz Cartheuser is a German guitarist and improviser who bases his music on its potential to interact in terms of dialogue and monologue with the audience as well as with cooperators. He studied at the Jazz-Institut-Berlin with such great musicians as Kurt Rosenwinkel and John Hollenbeck. He has worked as a musician and composer in several projects of different genres, including dance and film.

Josué Moreno is a Spanish composer, sound artist and researcher. He has worked in a very wide range of projects which varies from purely instrumental music until sound installations, stage productions and interactive software. What defines the common ground of his artistic output is the metaphor of “sound as space/landscape to be articulated either by musicians or by process”.


Finnish stand-up comedian and television host Joonatan Pitkänen likes to talk about the ideas that most people would rather ignore. Shining a crookedly optimistic light on current matters and society, Joonatan’s stories make us laugh at the very things that we all love to take oh-so-seriously. He will join the Poetry Night with a spoken word performance.

Organizers: Sivuvalo and Helsingin kulttuurikeskus.

Length: 120 min, incl. intermission. Club Evening, Fully licensed bar. Doors open at 18.30.

Satakieliklubi inaugurates the second edition of Satakielikuukausi Multilingual Festival. Satakielikuukausi is an annual festival that celebrates mother tongues, multilingualism and language diversity. During the festival the importance of mother tongues and languages is examined through the arts, meetings and workshops. Satakielikuukausi was organized for the first time on 2015. Satakielikuukausi starts on February 21st, International Mother Tongue Day and ends on March the 21st, World Poetry Day and International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Please visit satakielikuukausi.wordpress.com for the complete program.


Information in Finnish, in Spanish.

SataklubiPoster- Helsinki 2016

Satakieliklubi 2016


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